Welcome to ARTOSEE. ARTOSEE is the artist's site of Studio Musicord. Musicord makes movies and documentaries about artists and their work. The most recent documentaries are shown here on the site of ARTOSEE.

If you, as an artist, want to be on the site of ARTOSEE, you can contact Musicord.nl. If we think you are suitable, we will offer you a sharply reduced price compared to the usual rates for making a documentary.

All documentaries will also be put on YouTube.




Simeon ten Holt

simeon Simeon is a famous Dutch composer who won in september 2012 the Rabo price for Culture.

Paulette Willemse

Paulette Paulette is an all-round singer who is looking for the joke.

Peter Koppejan

peter kop

Peter is an inspired artist, who designs unusual and original chairs. His theme is: sitting and doing something.


Mrs Einstein

promo Saskia

Mrs. Einstein presents a comic performance called "Vuile Huichelaar".


Grafisch Atelier


Part of a three-part documentary about the "Grafisch Atelier" in Alkmaar. Filmed for the "Stichting KunstNet" in Alkmaar.

Anne Chris
anne Anne Chris is a talented jazz singer, who writes her own lyrics and music and has an absolutely original style.